About Ahsan Saeed

Ahsan Saeed – currently a digital media marketer, founder and COO of Twittistaan, a digital PR company. He is also working as head of social media / digital PR at The Digital Factory, a digital media marketing agency based in Karachi, Pakistan


Worked with Twitter as Urdu Localization Moderator for more than 5 years. Worked with WhatsApp as Urdu Translator / Admin for various projects. Also working with Global Voices Urdu as Urdu translator


Writes travelogues and social media commentary on Urdu blog, Blogaey. Also published in Dawn News and Express News. In 2012, launched first Twitter Pakistan-centric blog, Twittistaan.com

Podcasts and Poetry

Ahsan Saeed’s audio and video podcasts and travelogues are available on SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Podcasts , Patari, Stitcher and TuneIn